Online Stopwatch

Here's a site I use often with my students. It's an online stopwatch that is displayed on the screen to show students how much time they have to do something. I use it most often when they are having snack to let them visually see how much time they have left. The kids love to countdown and make sure their snack is all finished and put away before the alarm goes off.

Sesame Street

Here's a very content rich site for younger students. There are many games and colouring pages to use with your students but what I really like about this site are all the videos. You can choose which sesame street character you want, what theme you want, what skill you want to target. There are thousands clips both old and new. I have used it in my own grade one class when I introduce a new letter. Just type in the letter in the search bar and at least a dozen clips pop up with little video segments about that letter featuring cookie monster, grover, elmo or many other characters. Fantastic resource for younger students!

My own personal favourite clip is Cookie Monster and the Mystery Box - search for it!