Class Website

I have been wanting to make a class website for a while now.  This summer it became my summer project. There are quite a few free sites that make it easy for anyone to set up their website.  After playing around with a few i found the one I preferred was Weebly.
There are a lot of free themes you can use and it's quite easy to change things around.  I also like that the free web address you get is short.  It's basically ''. Shorter than a lot of other free sites.
You can find free clip art on the web.  There are quite a few that are free for educational use.  My favourite so far is .
After spending a few hours setting it up and adding the pages I wanted I know I'll be able to just log on once a week to make the few changes easily without it taking up a lot of extra time.  An easy way to connect home and school!

Common Core Workbooks

Have fun teaching is a fantastic website with many free materials and resources.  I go to it often!

They are now offering for a low price some common core workbooks for every grade.  It's a great timesaver for all teachers who have to teach to the common core.

Report Card Comments

As I was writing my reports today I came across this pretty neat site. provides examples of report card comments for Art, Language Arts, Science and Social Studies for the elementary grades.  All you have to do is select the subject, the grade level and the grade (A-D) and the site gives you examples of things to write.  You can even type in the students name in a box above and your students name will appear in the comment so that you can just copy and paste!  It was just the help I needed to get my comments sound a little bit better and not so repetitive. 

Online Animated Storybooks

There are many sites that offer online picture books for kids.  Here a few that I have come across:

Tumblebooks is a fantastic resource.  It has well over 200 books.  They all have the words highlighted as they are read. Another great feature is that the length of time is written so that you can plan according to how much time you have.  Tumblebooks requires a subscription but can be accessed easily by going through the website of a public library that subscribes to it.
Here is a link through such a library:

Storyline Online
This site from the screen actors guild offers 25 books read by well known actors.  All the stories are streamed through youtube but offers an alternative in case your school blocks youtube.  They also indicate the length of the stories and offer suggested activities to go along with them.

Kids AOL jr.
This site offers many stories categorized by topic (animals, families, fairy tales and rhyming).  The category that is perhaps the most interesting is the Arthur series by Marc Brown.  There are 15 Arthur stories (the original books, not the animated series).  The words are highlighted as they are read.

Read to Me

Online Storytime from Barnes & Noble

Aesops Fables

Gullah Tales

requires a subscription but can be accessed through learn quebec for quebec public schools.


Wow!  Cookie is a new website I recently came across.  It is a goldmine for teachers (and parents) of young kids between the ages of 3 and 8.  It has online games, short animated videos, worksheets and stories.
They are all organized into different categories like language, math, science, puzzles and many more.
For a teacher it's a great place to quickly find a game or worksheet for students to work on a specific skill being taught.  Children can work on sequencing activities, phonics and alphabet activities, counting and math activities, personal hygiene, months of the year... a very wide array of themes.  It's worth a look!
The games are great worked on a computer alone but are also great played on a smartboard.


Being a teacher often means that you do a lot of work from home to prepare for class.  I finish up class presentations, write report cards and prepare lessons as often from my home computer as I do my school computer.  Dropbox has helped me tremendously by allowing me to share folders between these two computers.  Dropbox is a free folder that you install on your computer and that will allow you to share across computers.  All you have to do is install it on whatever other computers (or smart phone or tablet) you use and all those files and folders you store in the dropbox are always available.  Another great feature of dropbox is that you can share a folder with other people.  I share folders with colleagues so that we can both have access to lessons we are collaborating on.  It's also an easy way to share documents without the need of a memory stick.  The free account gives you 2GB of storage but you can earn more space by completing simple getting started tasks or by referring your friends.  If you use my referral link you will also be granted an extra 500mb of space.  You can also subscribe to get even more space but I find that for my purposes the free account is plenty.

Math Worksheets

I am always looking for good free websites to make quick extra math pages for my students.  These two sites offer a new random assortment each time when practicing addition or subtraction.  I go to them often.  : has a big assortment of worksheets including addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, order of operations... much more than I can list on this blog.  It is definitely worth a look.  What I most like about it is that after you enter your parameters (for example no number bigger than 10 or no carrying... etc) it generates a new random worksheet each time.  Another amazing thing is that it is completely free! : is another great free website to use.  It is categorized by grade level and covers arithmetic, time, money and measurement.  It's another one I use all the time.

Calmness Counter

Life in a classroom can sometimes get hectic and noisy!  This free tool might be the answer to try and control some of the chaos.  This is really cool especially if you have a smart board in your class.  You plug in a microphone to your computer, go to this website and it actually measures the amount of noise in your class with an easy to read gauge.  You can set the sensitivity to the level that you want and it will clearly display if the noise-level is getting too high.  Amazing!


Here's a cool site with phonics activities and online books for young learners.  It's geared for children between the ages of 4 and 8 who are just learning to read.  A simple free registration is all it takes to access dozens of activities and guided reading books.
From the website:  The program takes the early learner on an interactive journey of exploration and learning. Starting with initial nursery rhymes, it moves through pre-reading activities, alphabet awareness, letter sounds, short vowels, CVC word blending, initial blends, long vowels and all the phonic activities critical for developing early reading skills. Scientifcially researched and teacher approved, The Road to Reading is the most comprehensive reading program available online.
The activities are fun and young children will enjoy playing with then without even knowing they are learning valuable pre-reading and reading skills.

Movie Poster Maker

Here is a really cool and easy to use site to create your very own movie posters.  There is an easy to use form that you fill in with your title, tags and even a space for the credits.  You can also upload your own picture and then a realistic movie poster is created in minutes.  The file can then be saved and you can print or even order the movie poster.  A really cool thing about this site is that if you use your own picture you can even get a hi-resolution version that you can use to print out from any retailer.  They don't force you to order from them. I was able to explore the movie poster section but with a quick glance at the rest of the site it seems that there are a bunch of cool things to do with your digital pictures like turn your pics into puzzles, magazine covers, pop art.  Lots of fun for teachers with a ton of educational possibilities!

Up to Ten - Boowa and Kwala

Up to Ten is an extensive web site with over 1000 educational and fun games for kids up to age 10.  Younger kids (0 - 6) can click on the Boowa and Kwala section to access lots of games, activities, songs, stories and colouring pages.  It is all very well organized so even younger students can navigate it on their own.  Older students (6-10) can access the games section where the selection isn't as extensive but still quite large.  This section has classic games, puzzles and coordination games.  Another really great thing about this site is that it is completely bilingual: English and French!  On the homepage there are three sections (Free, Premium and Teacher).  The free section is very abundant and it is not clear how to subscribe to the paying portions but, in my opinion, the free section is so extensive there is no need.

Gullah Net

Here's a neat website perfect for Black History Month. is a website devoted to learning about the Gullah culture of Saint Carolina.  On the website you can hear folktales told in English or Gullah with animated pictures.  The folktales include stories such as "The Three Little Pigs" and "The Little Red Hen" so it can be used even if you aren't doing a "Gullah" unit in class.  Just hearing the narrator in English is worth it.   On the Gullah music part of the website you can see the evolution of African music in America.  A fun, interactive website to help learn about another culture.

Math Worksheet Wizard

Math Worksheet Wizard is a great tool for teachers.  You can get random math worksheets at the click of a button.  The really good thing about this site is that it caters to young kids who need pictures all the way up to students in grade five who need more complex problems.  This site covers arithmetic, time, money, measurement, as well as shapes, colours and numbers for the younger grades.  The thing I really liked about this site is that, for younger kids who are just learning, you can either match to find the right answer or write it in yourself once they get more comfortable.


I love art but I sometimes find myself struggling to find ideas for original art projects every week.  This site is a wonderful resource to help!  It is a site with thousands of art ideas all categorized by type of art (ex. sculpture, drawing, painting, etc.), theme (ex. folk art, multicultural art, holidays, etc.) or by grade.  This site also has colouring pages with their original art, patterns for different art projects, blank calendar pages, etc.  It also has a store where you can purchase books, art supplies or bundles of already made colouring pages but most things on this site are free.  There are enough ideas on this site to last many years!!!

TES Connect

Here is a great site from the UK with free teaching resources.  In the resources section there are thousands of teacher created lessons (lesson plans, activities, games, teaching ideas and worksheets as well as ready-made powerpoint presentations), All you have to do is sign up (which is free) and you get access to all of these resources.  There are tons of them!  It's divided by section: Early Years (Preschool), Primary, Secondary, Whole School and Special educational needs and then also by subject.  Although geared for UK teachers most stuff is relevent or just needs to be mildly adjusted.  It saves a lot of time in preparation.  I have used it many times to help present lessons on different religious celebrations.  The powerpoint presentations were great to use on my smartboard.  The other good thing is that it's all created and submitted by teachers so it's already tried.  Users can also vote on a specific resource so you can see how much it was liked by others.  It's worth a browse!

Billie Brings His Buddies - Safety Curriculum

Keeping kids safe is a constant worry.  The Canadian Centre for Child Protection has created a free program for grade one students to teach them "the buddy system".  It's complete with a lesson plan for the teacher, a letter for the parents with activities to do with their child, an online storybook and a new game to reinforce safety at Halloween.

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

Here's a site with a huge amount of math manipulatives with your students.  Everything from base ten blocks, to virtual calculators, to pie charts... there are really too many to many to talk about.  Everything is categorized by grade and by program (algebra, geometry, number and operations, and more).  This is a great site for math.  Really great for use with an interactive whiteboard like the smartboard!


E-Learning for Kids

What a find!  Here is a site with dozens of games and lessons for students from kindergarten to grade six.  Subjects include the typical ones usually found on teacher websites like math, language arts and science but there are also games and lessons for life skills, environmental skills, computer skills and health.  Lots of animations grab the students' attention easily and are really fun.  It's a great resource especially for classrooms equipped with interactive whiteboards like SMART boards.  There are also lessons for english language learners.  Another neat thing about this site is that it is not only available in English but also in Dutch, Spanish, French and Portuguese. 


Snakes and Ladders

Here's an online version of the popular Snakes and Ladders game from the BBC.  You can choose between one or two players and the players.  The players roll an online die and have to move their token the right amount of squares.  It's a great game for early elementary to practice their counting skills.  It's also fun to play on the smartboard!

Bus Songs - Huge collection of kids' songs

How many times have you begun to sing a familiar children's song only to realize you only know the first verse and end up humming the rest?  Here's a fantastic site with lyrics for over 2000 children's songs.  There are lullabies, nursery rhymes as well countless sing-a-long songs.  There are even songs from favourite family movies such as Willy Wonka and The Jungle Book.  Many of the songs also come accompanied by a video clip and audio of the music.  Some songs also have alternate versions.  It's a great find for any parent or teacher of young children.