Kids Learning Station

Kids Learning Station is a great site filled with free printable worksheets for preschool and kindergarten students.  Skills ranging from alphabet skills to scissor skills all can be practiced using these sheets. All sheets are in pdf format.

Classroom decor

Being a teacher, I love going into dollarama before a special day like Christmas or Valentine's Day. There are always lots of decorations that I can buy cheaply for my classroom or even my home. This year I bought some window decorations and a big paper snowman to display. I also liked the art supplies that I found with a holiday theme. I could make tree ornaments with gingerbread shaped art foam and decorate it with glitter glue- all from dollarama! I even found a full snowman suit for $2.00!

Online Radio

Looking for the perfect music to set the mood in your class?  How about some classical music during playtime to keep them a little bit calm?  Or perhaps some fun Christmas music to accompany a holiday party?  Whatever you need, you can probably find it on the AOL online radio site.
I often play different stations depending on what reaction I want from my students.  If they are working quietly I sometimes play nature sounds so that it's enough to have some background music but not too much that it will distract them.  There's even a station that offers "kid-friendly" radio so that you don't have to worry that they will be listening to inappropriate music.  You can also choose some stations as your preset favourites so that you can quickly find them.

Free Fonts

Abstract Fonts is a great site with thousands of free fonts that can be downloaded and used.  These fonts can be used to make nice headings to display artwork or other students' work.  They can also be used by the students when writing cover pages or poetry that they want to display.  There are many themes covering special occasions such as holidays or even just different types to display different moods.