Class Website

I have been wanting to make a class website for a while now.  This summer it became my summer project. There are quite a few free sites that make it easy for anyone to set up their website.  After playing around with a few i found the one I preferred was Weebly.
There are a lot of free themes you can use and it's quite easy to change things around.  I also like that the free web address you get is short.  It's basically ''. Shorter than a lot of other free sites.
You can find free clip art on the web.  There are quite a few that are free for educational use.  My favourite so far is .
After spending a few hours setting it up and adding the pages I wanted I know I'll be able to just log on once a week to make the few changes easily without it taking up a lot of extra time.  An easy way to connect home and school!

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