Starfall is a site I use daily with my students.  I use it so often that I was surprised that I hadn't posted it to this blog before.  It's a reading website with a phonics based approach for young students.  For the very beginners there are little interactive videos for all the letters of the alphabet showcasing their sounds.  It then also has short easy books for students as they slowly progress.  What's nice about this site is that it is good for children of all abilities.  If a student has trouble reading a word all you have to do is click on it and it will sound it out for you.  There are other little neat things to explore too like a calendar (which I use with my students ever day) and other interactive activities for different holidays.   It's especially nice if you have a smart board in your classroom but it's also very user friendly and even a young student could use it independantly on a small computer


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